We are very excited here at Quench to bring Edventure to Salisbury!

Edventure is training course where students gain skills, experience and a qualification by setting up a local community enterprise in a team on behalf of a local not-for-profit – supported by the local community. It was set up in Frome 6 years ago by edventure Frome – a school for community enterprise.

The programme is a win-win approach. While students gain tangible skills, they also set up social enterprises that help tackle local issues. Students in Frome have set up various nationally & internationally recognised initiatives, including SHARE – a library of things, the first UK Community Fridge, a community venue, tiny homes building company, a community garden, and more.

The course is free of charge for students, although every student is asked to fundraise towards a team budget that the students will use to for their start-up.

Edventure Salisbury will launch October 1st 2018, and the first course will challenge students to set up a community fridge working with the Pantry Partnership, an award winning social enterprise tackling food waste in Salisbury.